Medable Forms New Site Network Council for DCTs

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Medable Inc. has announced its Site Network Council (SNC), a select group of clinicians and research leaders who will serve as influential voices in Medable product and services development. SNC members represent diverse clinical sites and provide real-world experience and insights to inform Medable technical and strategic direction. They offer a transparent window into modern research environments to help Medable create decentralized clinical trial workflows that meet sites’ changing needs and enable greater participation in DCTs.

Medable’s SNC has eight founding members, representing a diverse community of site leaders across the U.S. with plans to expand into the EU by Q4 2021. SNC members also represent a variety of settings from academia to healthcare providers to dedicated research centers, and include principal investigators, study coordinators, and executive leadership with a combined professional experience of over 150 years.

The SNC’s mission is to ensure Medable products meet the needs of all site stakeholders. Members will regularly review training, workflows, and user interfaces and participate in reviews of study approaches prior to study launch to ensure maximum site value.


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