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Patient-centered engagement applications extend BioClinica’s eHealth platform 


NEWTOWN, Pa., Sept. 15, 2015 – BioClinica®, Inc., a specialty clinical trials technology and services provider today announced that Medelinked has joined its eHealth App xChangeTM, an alliance channel for disruptive technology innovation across life sciences and healthcare. Medelinked’s electronic patient health record will be offered as part of BioClinica’s transformative eHealth Cloud™ solutions.

“Medelinked applications are changing the way patients and the healthcare industry connect and interact, and we are bringing this innovation to clinical trials,” said BioClinica Global Product Development Senior Vice President Andrew Masters. Apps can be used to seamlessly stream self-reported health information, as well as data from leading fitness and wellness trackers and apps for a comprehensive health profile. Masters explained, “Individuals can readily share their online health profile with their trusted network, creating new care pathways for patients. Also a new speak-to-a-physician app can be invaluable in clinical research.”   

“Integrating an online health platform that empowers healthcare engagement and management while enhancing the utility of eClinical systems without adding costs is a game-changer,” Masters said. Apps like these allow BioClinica to pull additional sources of data into BioClinica’s Express electronic data capture system. “By enabling integrated solutions to be built on our open eHealth platform, we are helping sponsors and their CROs to deliver on their digital health strategies.”

“This is the first real-world integration of our technology within clinical trials, and we are excited about the innovation it brings,” said Medelinked founder and CEO Ian Gallifant. “Making our application available as part of the BioClinica platform proves the value of our patient-centered model.”

“We are pleased to welcome Medelinked as the first in a series of new partners to be announced,” Masters said. The initiative aims to enable research communities to achieve a new level of patient and consumer engagement, helping accelerate pre- and post-approval research Find out more about BioClinica’s eHealth App xChange from Chad Ebner, Director of Channel Sales. Follow BioClinica on the Trial Blazers blog at, and on Twitter at


About Medelinked

Leveraging mobile technology and the cloud, Medelinked technology aims to increase health care effectiveness. Medelinked Health Cloud and API is the leading platform already powering some of the most dominant mHealth applications today, and allows developers to create new applications for tangible benefits to end users and healthcare professionals. Medelinked enables individuals to create a secure online health profile and to connect and share health information with their network of trusted health partners (physicians, clinical researchers, dentists, physiotherapists, trainers, insurers). The ability to manage and monitor one’s health data all in one place enables individuals to be active participants in their health and wellness, and informs the best possible care in times of need. Based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, Medelinked was founded in 2005. Visit to learn more.

About BioClinica, Inc.

BioClinica is a specialty clinical trials technology services provider that improves the development of new medical therapies by delivering expertise and technologies that enhance clinical research data and analytics, worldwide. The company offers industry-leading medical imaging services, enterprise eClinical technologies, patient recruitment and retention, clinical research centers and cardiovascular safety solutions that bring quality and efficiency to every phase of clinical development. BioClinica’s experience spans three decades and includes thousands of studies in all therapeutic areas. The company serves more than 400 pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device organizations – including all of the top 20 – through a network of offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Learn more at


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