MediciGlobal is Helping Research Sites with Patient Recruitment, Retention, and Long-term Patient Follow up


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There is considerable industry focus on patient recruitment; specifically finding patients willing to participate in clinical trials using targeted recruitment advertising. This focus, however, overlooks an important aspect of the second phase of the recruitment process: pulling prospective patients through the referral pipeline and into the study center. This second phase occurs after patients pass an initial pre-screen that matches them to the study’s inclusion/exclusion criteria.
This is the critical phase when pre-screened patients wait for site follow up and an in-office screening visit, and for many reasons this follow up often does not occur.
To streamline the recruitment ‘pull-through’ process and help study sites and sponsors succeed with their patient recruitment efforts, MediciGlobal introduces the Study Resource Center™ and also welcomes Pat Patterson, RN, CCRC as its Director.

The Study Resource Center supports research sites with services that enhance recruitment efficiency including pre-screening potential study subjects, maximizing local media budgets, managing patient referrals, and sustaining the interest of patients until study sites can schedule on-site screening visits. MediciGlobal established the Study Resource Center in response to a growing number of requests from study coordinators and site marketing managers to directly provide services that support them in finding patients, pulling the patients most likely to randomize through the referral pipeline, and retaining patients long term.
MediciGlobal has supported sites indirectly through study sponsors, but now these services can be accessed directly by sites, and include:
1.      Education-- webinars to assist sites with patient recruitment using the internet and social media.
2.      Efficient pre-screening-- online/offline patient pre-screening questionnaires that track responses and data instantly.
3.      Logistical support-- appointment scheduling, follow up with patient referrals (when sites are unable to do so promptly).
4.      Problem solving-- when sites need help with tackling recruitment challenges.
5.      Advertising support-- design of customized ads (for the Web, print and broadcast).
6.      eMarketing support-- design and development of internet advertising campaigns, highly targeted to support study sites individually.
7.      Retention-- strategies and programs to sustain patient interest during and post the treatment period of the study.

The Study Resource Center integrates under one roof MediciGlobal’s Site Support team with the services of the company’s in-house patient contact center, ProtoCall®.

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