Medidata Introduces New Support Program for Diverse Clinical Trials

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Platform implements patient insights and data to help create diversity action plans.

Medidata announced the launch of its Medidata diversity program, aimed to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical trials. According to the company, this program supports biopharmaceutical and medical device companies and contract research organizations (CROs) by addressing common systemic and clinical barriers that can hinder a diverse range of individuals from participating in clinical trials.


“Facilitating more diverse participation in clinical trials is a critical and complex challenge, not only for the life sciences industry but for the patients and caregivers participating in the trials,” said Anthony Costello, CEO, Patient Cloud, Medidata. “The Medidata Diversity Program, the most comprehensive solution to date, will help sponsors and CROs move from awareness about a diversity challenge to planning and solving for it as a standard and sustainable part of their clinical development programs.”

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