Medidata Solutions Launches Innovative Partner Program for Contract Research Organizations

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ASPire To Win Provides Contract Research Organizations with Cost-Effective EDC and eCDM Capabilities to Increase Market Reach

ASPire To Win Provides Contract Research Organizations with Cost-Effective EDC and eCDM Capabilities to Increase Market Reach

New York, NY, April 4th, 2005 - Medidata Solutions Inc., a leading provider of electronic clinical data management solutions today announced ASPire To Win, the company's flagship partnership program for Contract Research Organizations (CROs). ASPire To Win is a non-exclusive, application service provider (ASP) partnership enabling CROs to implement and use Medidata RAVE for conducting electronic clinical trials. The program provides the training, certification and collaboration to equip CROs with the skills and capability to cost-effectively and professionally implement clinical trials using Medidata's electronic data capture (EDC) and electronic clinical data management (eCDM) technology.

Increasingly, drug sponsors require the use of EDC during clinical studies to streamline data collection and increase accuracy. This trend is growing as both drug sponsors and CROs have experienced the upside of EDC versus traditional paper-based approaches. Medidata has launched ASPire To Win to shift ASP service revenue related to EDC deployment away from the technology provider, and to the CRO that builds, implements, and manages the EDC study. During the sales cycle, CROs will benefit from adding EDC to their portfolio of services offerings; on the operations side, CROs will be knowledgeable and ready to implement EDC studies using Medidata RAVE.

"The ASPire To Win program leverages core competencies - our CRO partners will provide services and Medidata, an acknowledged leader in this field, will provide the intellectual property to support those services," said Dennis Cunningham, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Medidata. "ASPire To Win is a cost effective way for CROs to build a services business around Medidata RAVE's electronic data capture and electronic clinical data management technologies without any upfront technology transfer costs. We are experiencing significant adoption by CROs of Medidata's RAVE solution as both sponsors and CROs recognize the benefits of automation and our technology."

As part of the ASPire To Win program, CROs will be trained to build electronic Case Report Forms according to the study protocol and certified to implement EDC studies with full regulatory compliance. CROs will achieve core competency in edit specifications, outputs, data mining, and EDC administration, so that when a sponsor requests EDC in a clinical trial, certified CROs will be fully qualified to implement and manage electronic data capture using Medidata's industry-leading RAVE platform.

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