Medis and Onkodatamed Link Up for Oncology Trials

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Applied Clinical Trials

Medis Research Group has been joined by ONKODATAMED GmbH in a bid to consolidate the group's position as an oncology trial specialist...

Medis Research Group, a strategic alliance of Berlin-based CROs, has been joined by another CRO from the Berlin area, ONKODATAMED GmbH, in a bid to consolidate the group’s position as an oncology trial specialist covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Medis was founded in November 2013, and its two founding members were Allied Clinical Management and ICRC-Weyer. The group was formed in a move to better meet requirements of clinical trial sponsors for "one-stop shop solutions."


Onkodatamed is a specialist provider of remote data capture solutions within a network of dermatologic, urologic and gynecologic oncologists. Through this network, Medis now has access to one of the largest epidemiological and clinical oncology databases in Europe containing information on thousands of patients currently in treatment – a valuable source for retrospective data analysis.

“The group’s clinical research services complement the portfolio of Onkodatamed enabling us to jointly provide a wide range of services for the conduct of entire trial projects and retrospective data analysis. On the other hand, we can contribute to the group with our proven remote data capture software ODM QuaSi as well as our large database of urologic and gynecologic oncology patients,” said Dr. Lutz Reimer, Managing Director of Onkodatamed.