MedNet Solutions Launches the iMedNet CRO Partner Program


Company News Release

MedNet Solutions

announced the official launch of its


CRO Partner Program. Designed specifically to help Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) improve research efficiency, expand their service offerings, decrease internal costs, and win more business, the program provides CROs with marketplace advantages.

At the core of the program is

iMedNet EDC

, MedNet's recently released cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) eClinical solution that allows non-technical clinical research personnel to quickly and easily set up and maintain their own EDC studies.

iMedNet EDC's

intuitive study configuration tools and form libraries allow studies to be set up in days, not weeks or months. Even entire studies can be replicated in a matter of seconds.

Key additional program features include:

  • Affordable Pricing iMedNet's CRO Partner pricing model eliminates upfront fees and dramatically lowers overall costs making iMedNet EDC practical for all research initiatives–even pre-clinical and Phase I studies.

  • Comprehensive iMedNet Designer Training – MedNet provides a complete iMedNet EDC training and certification program ensuring that all CRO personnel involved in the design and configuration of iMedNet studies are versed in the capabilities of the system.

  • Full Sales and Marketing Support – MedNet directly supports the sales efforts of iMedNet CRO Partners with a complete range of services, from marketing materials and demonstration support, to prospective customer referrals and joint promotional activities.
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