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Merge Healthcare Incorporated (NASDAQ: MRGE), a provider of clinical systems and innovations that seek to transform healthcare, announced the release of Merge eClinical OS, a new clinical trial operating solution that provides end-to-end study support for trials of all sizes through one interface, one consistent experience, one platform.

“With Merge eClinical OS, clients can utilize one solution across all capabilities, which means one partner and one contract, and removes the technical and administrative complexities typically associated with managing a trial,” said Zaher El-Assi, General Manager, Merge eClinical. “Before clients would have to use multiple systems for the capturing, processing and return of data for each study. That meant a new system selection process, which takes time to identify; a new installation, which takes time and resources to implement; and a new user experience which takes time and resources to learn. With Merge eClinical OS, researchers can spend less time managing technology and more time on what they really care about...improving the human condition.”

Evolved from the most successful solutions in the Merge portfolio, Merge eClinical OS helps clients manage and run studies more efficiently than ever before. Merge eClinical OS works for the largest and smallest of studies and is suitable for large pharma, biotechs, small and large medical device companies, contract research organizations (CROs) and academic medical institutes.

As a single, web-based solution, it has the flexibility to support trials in any phase, and captures any type of data, from any source, over any modality. Merge eClinical OS also has the scalability to grow if a trial increases in size, number or complexity.

Merge eClinical OS provides a complete menu of clinical trial capabilities that can be mixed and matched to build a solid foundation for each trial environment. Clients can select the perfect mix of features and services to fit each study, including:

· Site data capture

· Sponsor study management

· Patient reported outcomes

· Endpoint adjudication

· Clinical image management

· Research site trial management

· Site and patient payments

· Study configuration and build

· Inventory management

· Interactive response

· Site administration and productivity

· Mobile data access

It offers a single, easy-to-use interface for all data capture, processing and reporting functions needed to manage a trial. Data can be processed through any workflow and the data can be returned in any format. Plus, it delivers built-in study templates, libraries and reports to help users create studies quickly and manage them effectively without technical assistance.

Merge eClinical provides cost transparency with step-by-step, self-service quoting and decision support tools. Plus, with pay-as-you-go pricing, clients can minimize study costs by only paying for only the functionality they need, when they need it.

“In the past, we would spend months selecting our clinical trials software, implementing it and training users on it,” said Ryan Wilson, General Manager for Medpace Medical Device. “With Merge eClinical OS, study start up is much faster because no programming experience is needed. And the simple web-based interface means less training. I’m looking forward to getting all that time back so I can focus more on the research itself.”

“Merge eClinical OS truly provides anywhere, any time access to study results,” said Rob King, Chief Operating Officer, Novella Clinical. “I’m especially looking forward to using the new mobile applications and receiving study alerts directly to my iPhone.”

Merge is unveiling eClinical OS at the DIA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, booth #2601.

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