Microm Microtech France in drive for growth after management buy-out

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Applied Clinical Trials

Co-founder of BioMedical Diagnostics, Daniel Pierron, invests alongside Sofimac and BNP Paribas Développement

Francheville, France – July 27, 2005 – Microm Microtech France (MM-F), a specialized distributor of leading edge diagnostics products for the healthcare market, today announces its strategy for growth after a leveraged management buy-out led by Daniel Pierron, one of the co-founders of diagnostics firm, BMD. Sofimac and BNP Paribas Dveloppement supported the buy-out.

MM-F specializes in enabling laboratories involved in human histology and cytopathology (study of disease changes within individual cells or cell types) to analyze cell or tissue samples taken from humans, and diagnose different diseases using sophisticated techniques. Some 98 per cent of cancers are diagnosed using these methods.

In bringing the latest diagnostic tools to its customers in hospitals, clinics and research labs, MM-F offers a range of products including macroscopy, (equiping rooms for macroscopy and autopsy), and immuno-histochemistry (the process of detection of antigens in tissue using antibodies), as well as various instrumentation, reagent and consumable products. It has a leading position on the market for microtomy (specimen preparation) and has an exclusive licence to distribute the products of Microm GmbH (Germany), the leading manufacturer of these devices.

Sales in the year ending September 2004 reached EUR5.2 million in a market representing some EUR200 million annually in Europe. The company sees significant growth in the markets with which it is associated in particular in immuno-histochemistry. MM-F believes it holds third position in the immuno-histochemistry market in France. It has invested significantly in this field and expects it to be one of the main planks of its success.


MM-F will also build on its competitive advantage in having a wide variety of products available for its customers in France, North Africa and Cambodia. The company services about 1,100 customers spread equally across the public and private sectors. It will maintain a strong team of field sales personnel, which currently comprise seven sales and three product managers as well as customer, training and after-sales support teams.

"MM-F holds an excellent position in the supply of advanced diagnostic products, and our strategy will be to grow our market by making sure we offer our customers a wide range of tools based on the latest technological advances," said Daniel Pierron, CEO of MM-F.