Company News Release

Software matches genomic test results to cancer treatment options, including trials and experimental drugs, via intelligent search and molecular science


MolecularMatch, a personalized cancer treatment company that works with labs, hospitals, genomic cores and physicians to connect cancer patients to treatment options, launched its MM LAB software today at The Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference.

MM LAB, which is available through an online portal, allows pathology labs and others to match patients’ test results to personalized cancer treatments, including clinical trials and experimental drugs, in real-time.

It is based on the already available, public-facing MolecularMatch

 cancer treatment search engine. “We’ve taken a time-consuming, manual task that usually happens after lab results are returned, and automated it with an intelligent, science-based, Google-like search,” said MolecularMatch CEO Kevin Coker. “With MM LAB, oncologists and patients get test results and easily understandable treatment

 options all at once, rather than having to wait even longer to find and begin a course of treatment.”


After test results are matched to treatments in MM LAB, the options are curated by the client laboratory's staff and included in the reports sent back to physicians and patients.

How MM LAB Search Works:

  • Molecular science / artificial intelligence based algorithms

  •  - pioneered in the public-facing search engine - match patients’ exact, genetic cancer type to the treatment options best suited to combat their variant of the disease

  • Indexes clinical trials, drug and medical databases,

  •  websites, individual drug labels and scientific and oncological journals
  • Includes 300,000 biomedical documents checked against

  •  more than 700,000 biomedical facts - resulting in nearly 2.5 billion indexed combinations

  • Additional data and curation are fed into MM LAB to

  •  enhance its effectiveness in the lab environment

  • Maintained and updated by MolecularMatch scientists,

  •  physicians and engineers

“MolecularMatch provides a powerful resource for molecular pathologists,” said Christopher Corless, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer of OHSU Knight Diagnostic Laboratories. “Identifying treatment options - particularly trials - is a time-consuming task. The MolecularMatch platform allows our team to efficiently match complex genomic test data to appropriate treatment options in much less time.”