monARC Bionetworks Launches App to Track Symptoms Between Clinic Visits


Applied Clinical Trials

monARC Bionetworks launches the monARC App to empower patients to track their symptoms between clinic visits to inform better healthcare decisions and simplify research participation.  Beyond tracking symptoms, patients can use it to capture the impact of their condition on daily activities via connected wearable devices that track sleep and activity. By recording disease relevant measurements from in-home, blue-tooth enabled tools like pulse-oximeters and spirometers, patients can share these insights with healthcare providers to inform treatment decisions. The app currently supports monARC’s Patient Research Networks for interstitial lung disease (ILD) and atopic dermatitis (eczema) with plans to expand to more conditions.  

 “Healthcare is becoming more personalized with the integration of mobile tools like wearables and connected devices into everyday life, but this information must be succinctly captured and properly organized in order for patients, physicians, and researchers to utilize it,” said Sunny Nagra, Chief Product Officer at monARC. “The new monARC app provides a concise, user-friendly interface that delivers meaningful insights.”  

The app also passively collects environmental data such as weather and air quality which may contribute to symptom exacerbation in patients with pulmonary or autoimmune diseases like idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and eczema.  By combining data from multiple sources into one simple app, patients can explore potential relationships between their environment and symptoms or track the impact of treatments.  Sharing these previously unavailable insights with physicians, caregivers and researchers improves care and accelerates the development of new treatments.

The app is a powerful addition to the monARC Smart Health Record which consolidates medical records from  multiple healthcare providers into one digitized personal health record. The combination of medical records and routine daily data with powerful analytical and visualization tools provides a holistic, longitudinal view that informs both healthcare and research.  By downloading the free app, patients become a member of the monARC Patient Research Network, allowing them to securely share their de-identified information with researchers, and, if interested, be matched to relevant clinical trials.  All membership services are provided at no charge to patients.

“monARC is pioneering a new data-sharing economy that will rapidly accelerating drug and device development,” says Komathi Stem, Founder and CEO of monARC Bionetworks.  “The FDA is actively seeking opportunities to use  real-world data in their decision making; we are empowering patients to leverage their data to improve their care and while broadening access for more patients to contribute to research either by donating their de-identified data or participating in clinical trials.”


To download and learn more about the monARC App, visit

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