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Medical Research Network (MRN), a Clinical Trial Support Organization (CTSO) that offers home trial support, site nurse support, and recruitment and retention support, has launched a new web-based training program for nursing teams.

MRN TEC (Training, Education, and Compliance) is an interactive online portal offering study-specific and GCP training for nurses within MRN projects to allow the training of large teams faster, across the globe.

Nurses will be able to log in to the MRN TEC portal and take part in the training at a time to suit them, making it an ideal solution for global trials working across a number of timezones. In addition, the content will be translated into local languages to ensure maximum understanding, and regular tests will evaluate the knowledge and competences of the nurses throughout the training.

Helena Baker, VP of Operations at MRN, commented: “We piloted MRN TEC on a single study last year and it was a huge success so we are now rolling it out across all our large studies. The portal speeded up the delivery of our essential training and ensured there was no delay in starting the patient visits. This means we are now uniquely equipped within our industry to leadlarge, multinational projects”.

Once MRN has designed and uploaded the training module for a new study, the nurses can log in to MRN TEC and complete their training –both in study specifics, homecare and GCP, prior to arranging and carrying out their home patient visits.

Helena added: “We are able to review the results as they are submitted and make any updates to the training as necessary. We can also ensure the nurses are prepared with the correct documentation when the training ends to avoid any unnecessary delays.”

MRN’s Home Trial Support service offers nurse visits to patients in their own homes and by eliminating the need to travel to the trial site, patient recruitment is increased by at least 60 per cent and retention maintained at over 90 per cent.

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