NeoClinical Launches Neo PayPerPatient Solution for Asia-Pac


Company News Release

NeoClinical™, the leading digital clinical trial recruitment agency for Australia, New Zealand and Asian markets todayofficially launched its latest recruitment product, Neo PayPerPatient click here.

Neo PayPerPatient has emerged from 6 months of beta testing, including regulatory compliance, and integration of some of the latest online consumer engagement software and tools. Neo PayPerPatient has already built powerful databases of people wanting more information about the latest clinical trials for conditions including gout, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, menopause, diabetes, prostate cancer and asthma.

Neo PayPerPatient is a risk share pay-as-you-go solution for new studies or current studies that are underperforming and need a boost to recruitment. Sponsors only pay a nominal fee for partially screened patients then a moderate fee for those that proceed to full enrolment. NeoClinical™ manages all the rest. NeoClinical™‘s advertising and PR expertise as well as the team’s considerable online and social media experience to deliver results for clients. NeoClinical™ study recruitment campaigns feature innovative and EC compliant advertising, public relations and online content marketing campaigns.

NeoClinical™ typically achieves referral conversion rates of 40-60% and recently achieved a 63% conversion rate for a New Zealand Study.

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