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Citeline, part of the Informa Pharma Intelligence family, and Clinerion, announced a partnership between the two companies providing clinical researchers with a more holistic method for making more evidence-based decisions during their clinical trial processes.  

The Clinerion and Citeline™ partnership allows clinical teams to overlay the deep clinical data about a patient from Clinerion with the site and investigator data from Citeline’s Sitetrove to make more informed decisions on where to place a study. The result is a more effective evidence-based approach to study feasibility, allowing clinical researchers to better understand which sites have patients that match their criteria, along with the experienced investigators to run the study.

Specifically, using Citeline and Clinerion together, clinical researchers can not only see which experienced clinical investigators have conducted studies at a particular location, but also the number of patients treated at that location matching the patient population and the number of trials the healthcare organization has conducted matching the respective researcher’s protocol. The resulting data can be further turned into a heat map, showing the number of patients located at each healthcare organization.

“We’re always looking for ways to help our clients make better decisions grounded in the current pharma landscape through data and deep domain expertise,” said Jason Tse, VP Business Development at Informa Pharma Intelligence. “Most patient data is focused highly on the U.S. and by partnering with Clinerion we’re able to deliver this incredible resource for researchers around the world, and help them make more evidence-based feasibility decisions in their clinical trial processes.”

“Combined, the offerings of Citeline and Clinerion offer better actionable data intelligence than the sum of their individual parts, creating a fully comprehensive overview pin-pointing where the protocol matching patients are with site and trial performance data,” said Ian Rentsch, Clinerion CEO. “Clinerion’s patient data analytics brings a wealth of real-world data from our global hospital network into play alongside Citeline’s insights into site performance, investigator expertise and trial status. We show where the patients are that match the clinical protocols and treatments. This synergy of services gives users the right tools to make effective decisions around clinical trial feasibility and site identification and ensure success in setting up a trial. Clinerion is all about re-imagining research; in this case, with Citeline, we are re-imagining trial start-up processes to get new drugs and treatments quicker to patients.”


To learn more about the partnership, Citeline and Clinerion are at The SCOPE Summit, February 18-21, 2019 in Orlando FL. 


Clinerion: Booth 19 (in the Foyer)

Pharma Intelligence: Booth 408



About Clinerion

Clinerion accelerates clinical research and medical access to treatments for patients. We use proprietary technologies for analysis of patient data from our global network of partner hospitals. Clinerion's Patient Network Explorer radically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trial recruitment by offering data-driven protocol optimization, site feasibility evaluation and real-time patient search and identification to match patients to treatments. Our technology solution provides real-world evidence analytics for medical access. Clinerion facilitates the participation of partner hospitals in leading-edge, industry-sponsored trials and time savings in patient recruitment. We create innovative and disruptive fit-for-purpose solutions which enable pharmaceutical companies to shorten patient recruitment and save costs by streamlining operations and leveraging strategic intelligence. Clinerion’s proprietary Big Data analytics technologies leverage real-time data from electronic health records which comply with international patient privacy and data security regulations. Clinerion is a global data technology service company headquartered in Switzerland.

Clinerion website:

For more information, please contact:

Le Vin Chin

Director, Head of Marketing & Communications

Clinerion Ltd

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Tel.: +41 61 865 60 54


About Informa Pharma Intelligence

Informa Pharma Intelligence powers a full suite of analysis products-Datamonitor Healthcare, Sitetrove, Trialtrove, Pharmaprojects, Medtrack, Biomedtracker, Scrip, Pink Sheet and In Vivo – to deliver the data needed by the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry to make decisions and create real-world opportunities for growth.

With more than 500 analysts keeping their fingers on the pulse of the industry, no key disease, clinical trial, drug approval or R&D project isn’t covered through the breadth and depth of data available to customers. For more information visit


About Citeline

Citeline, part of Informa’s Pharma Intelligence vertical, is the world’s most comprehensive source of real-time R&D intelligence for the pharmaceutical industry, featuring an unmatched intelligence collection and enrichment of global clinical trials, clinical trial investigator profiles and drug development pipelines.

Citeline is the R&D Intelligence arm of Informa’s Pharma Intelligence vertical, one of the world’s leading providers of drug, device, company, clinical trial and market intelligence in the pharma and medtech markets.  For more information, visit

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