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Upcoming release provides solution for tracking documents associated with monitoring visits

As part of Wingspan’s commitment to advancing the state of the art in managing TMF completeness, the Wingspan eTMF’s newest release features improved planning for monitoring visit documents. Since the date and number of monitoring visits are not known at the beginning of the study, organizations often experience challenges in ensuring that all visit documents are collected in a timely manner. Wingspan eTMF solves this problem by creating placeholders for visit documents as the visits are scheduled.

If visit information is available in CTMS, Wingspan eTMF automatically creates placeholders for visit documents. Due dates for documents are automatically assigned based on the visit date and a document type specific offset. The actual monitoring visit reports can also be automatically imported from CTMS.

For organizations who do not have visit information available from CTMS, visits can be planned directly in the eTMF user interface.

With both approaches, changes in visit dates are automatically detected and the due dates for associated document automatically updated

The Wingspan eTMF Study Setup wizard already provides highly flexible, study-specific planning for TMFs, and the Event Tool allows planning of documents associated with trial events such as protocol amendments. By providing new capabilities such as visit document planning, Wingspan is focusing on

addressing the more advanced challenges associated in eTMF planning. As a result, Wingspan eTMF users have the most accurate view of eTMF completeness in the industry.

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Wingspan Technology, Inc. is the leading provider of life sciences and eClinical software solutions, including Wingspan eTMF and DocWay, the SharePoint/Documentum integration product suite. Wingspan's talented and knowledgeable engineering and project management teams offer in-depth industry knowledge and experience to companies in life sciences, pharmaceutical, financial services, and other fields

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