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SAN FRANCISCO, March 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- goBalto, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based clinical study startup solutions, today announced its latest version of goBalto Activate. This first major release of 2015 offers new features that further accelerate clinical study startup.

Sponsors and CROs continue to search for ways to reduce the time it takes to get investigative sites up and running. goBalto is at the forefront of fully automating study startup, enabling business process agility and continual process improvements that existing systems don't address.

Recognizing that study startup is more than just documents, goBalto tailored this new Activate release to include submissions and other key activities and milestones not effectively managed with existing clinical systems. To better optimize the entire startup life cycle, Activate provides a more complete and accurate picture of status and bottlenecks.

With over 1,200 CRO and pharmaceutical users in more than 50 countries using Activate to manage, track, and complete study startup tasks, goBalto has the largest set of proven country workflows. These workflows meet the expectations of specific country regulatory submission requirements out of the box, so that companies can start their studies in days.

Activate customers report improved business performance and shorter cycle times. New capabilities just released aim to reduce study startup timelines even more, with a focus on enhanced document management, business process improvement, and alerting. Activate's new features include:

  • expired document management

  • alerts that highlight opportunities to improve cycle times and track activities and milestones

  • automated workflows that drive the entire process until documents are ready for eTMF filing

  • ability for sites to complete activities in seconds using the new Activate LITE interface

  • an API enhancement to support seamless integration with investigator portals

There continues to be a steady increase in enterprise Activate usage, with newly added top 20 pharma and biotech companies starting their first studies in Activate. The addition of goBalto's latest customers represents a 60 percent increase from the same time in 2014.

"Our goal is to continue to support customers who are taking the leadership role to improve study startup," said goBalto CEO Sujay Jadhav. "We're constantly looking for the most innovative ways to provide customers with even more time savings, increased visibility, and enhanced collaboration. With Activate's seamless integration capabilities, we're helping our customers span the entire study startup life cycle, out of the box, from document approval to eTMF ready."

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