New Multiplex Panels from Aushon BioSystems Help Measure Urinary Biomarkers of Kidney Damage during Drug Development


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Aushon BioSystems, Inc., a provider of advanced microarray instrumentation and laboratory services for biomarker discovery, development and analysis, has launched new Human multiplex biomarker panels for the quantification of eight biomarkers related to drug-induced kidney damage, or nephrotoxicity. Recent studies identifying biomarkers for kidney injury during pre-clinical testing for certain drugs helped initiate the development of the new panels. Requiring minimal sample volume, the new multiplex biomarker panels address the need for a more rapid, sensitive and accurate method to identify and quantify renal toxicity biomarkers to assist in determining risk.

The Human Nephrotoxicity Panels are validated for analysis of urine samples. The panels were developed using the Aushon SearchLight® protein array technology – a multiplex, sandwich ELISA system based on chemiluminescent or infrared detection of analytes. It features a 3.5 hour protocol that is very similar to protocols for traditional plate-based ELISA kits.

The new multiplex panels include the following biomarkers:

• KIM-1, Clusterin, TIMP-1, VEGF, Trefoil Factor-3 (TFF-3), Osteopontin, EGF, NGAL

Researchers can analyze samples from clinical trials using Aushon’s CLIA-certified sample testing service or conduct the analysis themselves using Aushon’s chemiluminescent biomarker kits and imaging system.

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