New Research Shows Biotechnology Industry Executives Cautiously Optimistic

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Industry Standard Research (ISR) announced the launch of a new and complimentary research report titled 2009 Biotechnology Industry Pulse. This report documents 112 biotech industry executives’ perspectives on the health and future of the biotechnology industry.

“Everyone has heard that access to capital has been severely restricted in the last year. We were determined to uncover how, if at all, this scarcity of capital has impacted biotechnology companies’ clinical development activities and how long any disruptions might be expected to last”, explained Kevin Olson, President, Industry Standard Research. Olson went on to state, “The results of the study show that while development has slowed for many companies, those with solid compounds continue to receive high valuations and have, in many cases, even accelerated their development timelines.”

Also detailed in the report are executives’ assessments of, and predictions for, volatility and consolidation across the industry; confidence in the small, VC-funded biotech model; and their preferences for various types of development models for their products.


Kevin Olson, President ISR, further explains: “We were struck by just how varied executives are in their views on the industry and their preferences for development models are far from uniform. I believe there’s a tendency in the CRO community to view this as a homogeneous customer segment but the data clearly indicate otherwise.”