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CHICAGO, Illinois, November 1, 2017-KMR Group, a company specializing in biopharmaceutical R&D performance analytics, announces its newest release of Site Metrix Application. Site Metrix provides clinical site performance benchmarks to the biopharma industry. The data is used to help biopharma in the performance evaluation of their sites and to help set realistic site level enrollment plans. Benchmarks are delivered at the country level in order to help those involved with trial placement more effectively plan for their trials. 

The enhanced Site Metrix lets users access site level Industry benchmarks in categories such as site start-up, screening, randomization, and IRB metrics. With the updated GridView module and more detailed indications, the flexibility of the data being analyzed can be further customized by a host of measures including phase, year range, site type, and country. Users always can see their own company’s performance side by side with the Industry in the application.

Accessing data based on site level performance has previously been a challenge. The granularity needed by trial planners requires the expertise and breadth of performance information that does not stem from publically available sources. Through KMR Group’s clinical program, detailed site level performance information is available for sponsor companies to assist in all facets of clinical trial planning.

Clinical trial planners need access to information beyond their company’s past performance in order to make more informed decisions about upcoming trials. Evaluating industry data at the trial level, site level, and individual site level are all beneficial for the most comprehensive plans. Site Metrix is just one of a host of online tools KMR Group has developed to benefit the biopharma industry at each stage in the enrollment and trial planning process.

Site Metrix complements KMR Group’s Site Scorecard Application which provides individual site metrics, lists, and ranks for specific named sites. “Our site level information is unparalleled in the industry. With over 650,000 site instances used in our datasets, KMR Group’s site tools provide an unparalleled set of industry performance as well as data flexibility for our clients,” commented Linda Martin, KMR Group President and Founder.

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KMR Group has worked exclusively in biopharmaceutical R&D since the early 1990s. KMR Group specializes in benchmarking, analytics and performance management as well as a developer of on-line analytics tools that enable access to propriety and rich datasets. KMR's clinical platform contains the most reliable source for trial performance, recruitment, and site metrics data, with over 25,000 global clinical trials. Clients depend on these tools to benchmark performance, define recruitment strategies and shape enrollment plans and to identify best performing sites. 

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