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NextDocs announced the release of NextDocs 6, the latest version of its regulated content management and compliance suite. NextDocs 6 includes expanded capabilities to meet the demands of the highly global, mobile and collaborative life sciences operating environment.

“The life sciences industry has been undergoing a major IT platform shift, and that shift is accelerating,” said Zikria Syed, Chief Executive Officer of NextDocs, Inc. “Content management and compliance are too critical to the success of life sciences companies to rely on legacy systems. The leaders in the industry are rapidly turning to regulated content management solutions based on open standards to more comprehensively address compliance, harmonize business processes and promote online collaboration.”

Nearly 90 percent of digital content is unstructured according to IDC, the IT analyst firm, exposing companies to varied compliance and efficiency issues. In a separate study, nearly 37 percent of life sciences companies have reported scaling back or replacing their legacy systems, such as EMC Documentum. Nearly 65 percent of life sciences companies say they have shifted or plan to shift to Microsoft SharePoint-based content management systems.

NextDocs solutions, which work alongside the dynamic SharePoint platform, enable businesses in regulated industries to comply with FDA and other health authority regulations, while also streamlining and automating business processes, improving collaboration and reducing costs. NextDocs 6 includes the following new capabilities and enhancements to its Regulatory, Clinical and Quality solutions, including SOP:

Compliance Engine: A more advanced workflow and security engine that enables sophisticated business processes and functions including controlled print, delegation, change control and periodic review.

Compliance Dashboard: Improved dashboard and search capabilities that provide a single view of document status, workflow details and the full audit trail, to help users focus on critical tasks.

Redefined Mobile Experience: An enhanced mobile experience that opens up adoption to an expanded set of business roles, both inside and outside the enterprise.

Pre-Built Deployment Configurations: Over 500 out of the box workflow configurations, based on industry-proven best practices, which enable faster and lower cost deployments.

NextDocs 6 enhancements are designed to meet the business needs of both mature companies with highly developed online regulated content management processes, as well as emerging, high-growth companies that aspire to more automated, scalable and compliant processes:

“We’ve leveraged our experience across more than 100 customer deployments to design NextDocs 6. Now, customers can take advantage of a next generation technology platform, while also embedding industry-proven best practices,” said Satwik Seshasai, Chief Technology Officer at NextDocs.

The advantages of the pre-built configurations, compliance engine and redefined mobile experience are extremely beneficial in a clinical trial management environment. NextDocsTrial Exchange solves the challenges that life sciences companies face in managing clinical documents in an increasingly global and partner-enabled environment. The solution allows remote trial site staff to contribute documents to an established eTMF work stream, receive and complete tasks generated by the sponsor, view document statuses, and retrieve documents on demand using tablets and smart phones. As a result, it can reduce the time and cost of trial management, improve collaboration with investigators, and strengthen security and compliance.

The company also announced the availability of NextDocs QuickStart, an all-inclusive, cloud-based offering for companies looking to get started with electronic regulated content management. QuickStart includes the pre-configured software, implementation services and support required for a successful deployment. The solution and cloud infrastructure are pre-validated, which speeds deployment and lowers costs.

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