Nextrials Hits 10-Year Milestone and Surpasses Sales Expectations


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Nextrials Hits 10-Year Milestone; Surpasses Sales Expectations for its Clinical Trial Management Platform and Services

Nextrials celebrates anniversary with free Prism database offer in response to tighter economic conditions within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets

San Ramon, CA-February 2, 2009-Nextrials, Inc., a leader in clinical research software and services, is marking its tenth anniversary year by investing part of its 2009 revenue within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device markets it serves.  Between now and June 30, new customers for Nextrials’ award-winning Prism data capture and clinical trial management platform will receive one free database design for a study intended to last at least six months.  This generates a significant savings for the user, based on the length and size of the study.

The company’s free database offer comes at a time when clinical trial delays and costs are rising due to increasingly complicated and ambitious protocols.  This has sometimes spelled disaster for young biopharmaceutical and medical device firms trying to get a single product to market, and derailed more diverse and long-term programs within Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies.
“Nextrials has been very fortunate to have been profitable every year since its inception in 1999, and as a result, we are now able to make an investment back into our industry,” noted James Rogers, CEO and co-founder of Nextrials.  “In today’s changing economic climate, we recognize that new, potentially life-saving drugs and devices are at risk of being delayed in their development.  Offering new customers a free database design is one way we believe we can introduce the cost- and time-saving benefits of electronic data capture to organizations that may still be running paper-based clinical trials or into those organizations that have postponed studies due to the high costs incurred with other EDC vendors.  This will, in turn, help researchers experience cost savings and shorten their time-to-market with new products.”
Nextrials’ award-winning Prism melds sophisticated clinical trial management functionality with electronic data capture in a single, integrated package. It is currently used worldwide by biopharmaceutical and medical device R&D teams developing novel treatments and therapeutics.
About Nextrials

Founded by pharmaceutical researchers in 1999, Nextrials offers today’s most novel products and services for speeding the delivery of life-saving drugs and medical devices to market.  Prism, its award-winning Electronic Data Capture (EDC) solution, has been used at over 1,000 research sites to streamline the initiation and management of clinical trials.  The company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area.  For more information, visit or call 925-355-3000. A podcast by co-founder and CEO James Rogers on the incorporation of electronic health records into the clinical trial process is also available at

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