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Following its recent launch, Nimblify’s customers are pleased with the company’s first offering, Participant Payments, which was created to improve the patient payment process for clinical trials.


[MADISON, WIS.] – Nimblify, Inc., a clinical trials technology company, recently announced the launch of its first offering, a participant-centered payment system.  After working with early collaborators in the clinical research industry to design the new product, customers have gone live with the system and are using it to pay their clinical trial participants. The launch of Participant Payments provides clinical research sites a much easier and faster way to pay and reimburse participants. As such, feedback from customers is very positive.


What makes Nimblify Participant Payments different?


Nimblify gives each participant the choice of reloadable debit card, direct deposit or check – none of which create additional work for the site. Ron Knight, Research Operations Director, Mills Clinical Research said, “We’ve heard great feedback from our participants. Direct deposit is a favorite of many patients, but we’re glad we can cater to different preferences.” Participant Payments was designed to reflect how study coordinators/nurses interact with research volunteers. It only takes three clicks to pay a stipend, allowing patients to receive their money as soon as the study visit is completed. Kerry Bridges, Administrator, Clinical Trials Office, Indiana University Simon Cancer Center said, “It’s automated, easy to use, easy to track for compliance purposes and most importantly allows patients to receive payments in a much quicker manner, which they can even track,” said Bridges.


In addition to an improved patient experience, Participant Payments is very easy for site staff to learn. “Both the clinical team – specifically the research nurses who have face-to-face contact and relationships with the research patients – and the finance team who negotiate, track, review and approve patient payments have been truly enthusiastic about the system," said Bridges. Coordinators can set clear expectations with participants with the help of protocol-specific guidelines, including pre-approved stipend amounts and maximums for hotel and parking reimbursements. To help finance departments, Participant Payments eliminates check processing at the site – even if the participant chooses checks – and prevents the site from collecting bank account details if the participant chooses direct deposit.


“We decided to go with Nimblify because of the dedicated customer service they provide and the expected overall savings compared with the previous debit card system,” said Knight. Not only does Nimblify reduce site workload, it also helps cash flow. With the system, sites don’t pay until they pay the participant. This means there is:


  • No pre-funded account that requires maintaining a minimum balance at all times

  • No set-up fee to get started

  • No user-based fee


“We did a cost-benefit analysis, and by calculating staff time for the actual time that nursing spends on requesting and completing repeated paperwork with each payment visit, as well as finance time spent on burdensome financial systems requirements, the clinical trials office saw a 48% cost savings per card,” said Bridges.


With the first release out the door, Nimblify’s Founder & CEO, Sri Kalluri remarks, "We really value the continuous feedback we obtain from our early collaborators and are very pleased to achieve such positive reactions from our customers,” said Kalluri. “We are committed to developing technologies that will truly make a difference in the industry, and this feedback is a testament to the efforts we have made to improve the site and participant experiences.”

About Nimblify, Inc.:

Nimblify, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Forte Research Systems, is a clinical trials technology company dedicated to creating industry-wide efficiencies by connecting stakeholders in clinical research. The company’s first offering is a participant-centered payment system that enables research sites to easily and securely compensate study volunteers immediately after each visit occurs. Founded in August 2015, Nimblify is a privately held company and is headquartered in Madison, Wis. For more information, please visit


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