Novogen Engages Contract Research Organization to Conduct Cantrixil Phase 1 Clinical Trial


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US-Australian drug discovery company, Novogen Limited (ASX:NRT: NASDAQ: NVGN), announced today that it has engaged Novotech as the Contract Research Organisation (CRO) to conduct its Phase 1 clinical study for the drug candidate, Cantrixil, which will commence in 2016.

This first-in-human study will investigate the safety and feasibility of Cantrixil administered via the intraperitoneal route for patients with refractory /recurrent peritoneal malignancies with malignant ascites.

According to Novogen's Clinical and Regulatory Affairs Manager, Kimberley Lilischkis, PhD, the Cantrixil Phase 1 study will be weighted towards ovarian cancer patients with the selection of a gynecological oncology site.

"However, patients with other cancer types will  also be eligible to enrol in this first study since early preclinical data suggests the drug candidate may benefit patients with a range of cancer types," Dr Lilischkis said.

"Patients with malignant ascites have been chosen because ethically this patient group stands to receive the most benefit and face the least risk from the insertion of a peritoneal port or catheter, which can be used for drug administration but also for the on-going drainage of malignant ascites."

Dr Lilischkis said Novogen was continuing to progress Cantrixil through the necessary preclinical regulatory requirements and safety evaluations and was on track to complete the 'in-life' phase of the toxicity studies by the end of 2015. The Company expected to receive the final report in early 2016 once a comprehensive pathology review was completed.

Acting CEO, Iain Ross said the appointment of Novotech was a key milestone in progressing Novogen's first oncology drug candidate, Cantrixil, to the clinic. "Novogen is confident that Novotech will add significant value to the clinical trial program bringing their standard of excellence to the development of this promising drug candidate," Mr Ross said.

Novotech is a prominent Australian-based CRO with extensive background in oncology drug development and a broad range of clinical trial outsourcing services. Novotech has well-established working relationships with the Australian sites and KOLs working with Novogen on this study. This CRO has world-class electronic data and trial management systems that will support the data management, monitoring and safety reporting activities for this study. Novotech is the only Australian-based CRO that has a Quality Assurance system with ISO9001:2008 accreditation and has a superb track record in managing early phase oncology studies.

"We're delighted to be working with Novogen on this important study. The development of Cantrixil has the potential to add an important new tool in the fight against cancer, and we are looking forward to leveraging our previous experience in all phases of oncology drug development to the management of this program," CEO of Novotech, Alek Safarian, said.

About the Cantrixil drug candidate

The candidate Cantrixil drug product is cyclodextrin-based containing the active ingredient, TRXE-002-1. The Company anticipates that if approved the drug product would be used as an intra-cavity chemotherapy to be injected directly into the peritoneal cavity. The aim of intraperitoneal administration is to achieve high localized drug levels within the peritoneal cavity and attenuate the spread of resident tumor initiator cells. The target indication sought for Cantrixil is early-stage cancers of the abdominal cavity (eg. ovarian, uterine, colorectal and gastric carcinomas) with Cantrixil being used as an adjuvant first-line therapy. On completion of the requisite safety studies, Cantrixil will enter the clinic in late-stage patients with abdominal cancers including ovarian cancer. The active pharmaceutical ingredient, TRXE-002, has pan anti-cancer activity resulting in caspase-dependent apoptosis via c-Jun activation and pERK downregulation. The actual drug target remains unidentified.

About Novogen Limited

Novogen is a public, Australian-US drug development company whose shares trade on both The Australian Securities Exchange (NRT) and NASDAQ (NVGN). The Novogen Group includes US-based, CanTx Inc., a joint venture company with Yale University. Novogen has two drug technology platforms [the superbenzopyrans (SBPs) and anti-tropomyosins (ATMs)] yielding drug candidates that are first-in-class with potential application across a range of degenerative diseases. Given the encouraging data from in vitro and in vivo preclinical proof-of-concept studies in the field of oncology, the Company's immediate focus is to undertake the respective toxicology programs. The target indication for Cantrixil is ovarian cancer, and Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) for Trilexium. While the initial target pediatric indication for Anisina has been identified as neuroblastoma, Novogen is yet to identify the adult indication and is intending to open an all-comers Phase 1 trial initially based on its preclinical studies. For more information, please visit

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