Novotech Selects Oracle’s Siebel Clinical Trial Management System to Support Continued Growth


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Novotech has selected Oracle’s Siebel Clinical Trial Management System to support the company’s complete spectrum of clinical drug development and research. Novotech works with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to bring new healthcare products to the global market by offering a broad range of compliant clinical services. The company is headquartered in Australia with operations in India, New Zealand, South Korea and across Southeast Asia. The company has helped global customers conduct trials in the Australasian region from first human exposure through to completion of Phase III trials. Novotech has been running a bespoke system to manage their clinical trial operations.

Over time, the business has grown and expanded across the Asia Pacific rim. The existing system did not accommodate the evolving business needs of Novotech as it lacked scalability and flexibility. In order to support the company’s continued growth and an increasingly complex business, Novotech needed a system that was robust and could grow with their operations.

Novotech selected Siebel Clinical Trial Management because it met the organization’s present needs, is a recognized leader and is built on open standards allowing the company to integrate other business applications, such as its financial system. Siebel Clinical Trial Management will also serve as a centralized repository for all investigators to collect and track relevant information about research, including personal profiles to disease specialties. Information will be readily available to manage clinical trials at different tiers–local, regional and global. Siebel Clinical Trial Management will offer a consistent view of the clinical trials undertaken by Novotech and provide up to date information on clinical trial statuses across the organization. Furthermore, Siebel Clinical Trial Management will provide a common platform that will assist Novotech to conduct their activities to achieve operational efficiencies. In addition to managing the end-to-end trial management process, Siebel Clinical Trial Management will assist to provide timely and accurate reports and dashboards to support tactical and strategic decision-making.

Novotech expects to see improved process efficiencies, better trial quality and lower trial costs from the implementation. Plans are underway to integrate Siebel Clinical with Novotech’s finance system. This will help streamline the business and support real time and accurate reporting, enabling traceability and auditability, and helping reduce the risk of errors due to manually entered information.

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