ObvioHealth Announces Mobile Application to Transform Clinical Studies


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, a global medical technology company, announces the launch of its mobile application for site-less clinical studies-ClaimIt. ClaimIt removes barriers currently troubling the clinical research industry by improving convenience for study subjects, enhancing compliance, lowering drop-out rates and accelerating data capture – all of which help reduce exorbitant costs for study sponsors and create opportunities to leverage the data capture from connected devices for clinical evaluation.    “For decades, the clinical research industry has followed an archaic model, but now there’s a better option,” said Bryan Silverman, CEO of ObvioHealth.  “Our mobile model challenges the industry to put patients first. ClaimIt allows study subjects to take part in important healthcare research from the comfort of their homes.”   ClaimIt maintains best-in-class clinical standards and compliance in studies ranging from pharmaceutical and nutrition, to observational and more. ObvioHealth’s clinical professionals and medical doctors monitor each study while study participants use the ClaimIt app on their smart phones or tablets, recording study specific information and allowing for real-time data collection.    Study protocols can be designed with smart devices, such as a Bluetooth blood pressure monitor, and the data from such devices immediately integrates with the ClaimIt app – providing real-world evidence. ClaimIt also offers real-time, 24/7 data monitoring, meaning adverse events are detected immediately. Healthcare professionals can video chat or text with participants at any time.    ObvioHealth is financially backed by TKS1, a venture capital collaboration between SPRIM, a life sciences consulting agency with deep experience as a clinical research organization, and Tikehau Capital (TKO.FP), an alternative asset management and investment company.  In March, ObvioHealth received a Series A investment.   “ClaimIt will help advance the latest treatments in healthcare, which is why we invested so confidently in ObvioHealth,” said Bruno de Pampelonne, CEO of Tikehau IM. “We’re happy to see the technology come to fruition and believe its transformation of the industry is just getting started.” Find more information on ClaimIt, visit ObvioHealth’s official site 


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