ObvioHealth Launches Next-Generation Outcomes Capture and Assessment Platform

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ObvioHealth, a global Virtual Research Organization (VRO), today announces the launch of Augmented ePRO, a first-of-its-kind offer in tech-enabled clinical trial service that combines AI-assisted ePRO instruments with a centralized clinical rating platform to deliver more accurate, standardized study outcomes.

Designed to address the subjectivity and variability that are characteristic of ePRO (electronic patient reported outcomes), this multi-pronged tool enables clinical trial participants to record source data—photos, audio, or video—in real time and upload it using the ObvioHealth app. Once the media is uploaded to the platform, each outcome is assessed and scored by a clinician and/or expert rater. Throughout the process, the COACH (Clinical Oversight And Coordination Hub) virtual site team, provides virtual support to both participants and raters, ensuring quality control from start to finish.


Read more about the platform here.