OmniComm Launches TrialOne Express


Applied Clinical Trials

Early stage researchers, including Phase I Clinics and Units, with limited resources now have access to a new eClinical research option designed to accelerate and enhance clinical operations. OmniComm Systems, Inc. (OTCQX: OMCM), a global provider of clinical data management technology, has launched TrialOne Express, (T1xpress), a prefab eClinical solution for Phase I clinic automation.

T1xpress provides preset configurations that will enable researchers with limited resources to automate their facilities and quickly launch clinical studies. These features include a preconfigured library, barcoded label templates, preset system roles and recruitment screens.

Additionally, T1xpress also provides data capture, sample tracking, data exporting and Exago custom reporting hosted in the OmniCloud. OmniComm will offer three locations for hosting support, with regional offices in the U.S., Europe and China. The package also includes standard process workflow diagrams, a validation starter kit and a “quick-start” implementation schedule.

“OmniComm’s TrialOne solution has been widely recognized as the most functionally robust Phase I clinic automation solution in the industry,” said Stephen Johnson, president and CEO of OmniComm. “However, the level of effort to implement such a robust solution and the hardware requirements necessary to host it have, in some cases, put it out of reach for some smaller Phase I clinics. This new prepackaged and fully hosted turnkey solution will allow for a much shorter implementation schedule, affording these smaller clinics all the benefits of a tier I solution at a much lower total cost of ownership.”

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