The Open Source Effect: Akaza Research Provides Insight into Rapid Growth of OpenClinica


Company News Release

OpenClinica, the open source electronic data capture system, has seen a surge in usage over the past year, according to survey data released today by Akaza Research.

“Our recent survey of the OpenClinica community showed strong expansion in all key measurements of system usage,” said
Cal Collins, Chief Executive Officer at Akaza. “In the past year we have seen doubling in the number of OpenClinica users and subjects, and a nearly 10-fold increase in regulatory submissions.”

The company reports that nearly 168,989 subjects have been involved in OpenClinica-powered clinical trials, a 224 percent
increase from the prior year. In tandem, the company identified a 246 percent increase in the number of OpenClinica software users. The figure measures users working at the sponsor or CRO level and does not include users at clinical trial sites.

The Professional Open Source Model OpenClinica stands in stark contrast against the landscape of other EDC products that are provided under a closed source license. Akaza Research’s “professional open source” business model makes OpenClinica available in two editions. The OpenClinica Community Edition is freely available to use and modify, and may be downloaded form

The OpenClinica Enterprise Edition is a certified build of the open source technology commercially supported by Akaza Research.

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