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OpenQ, a provider of solutions to enable life sciences and health companies to overcome compliance and exposure risks, introduced OpenQ SafeGuard™, a social enterprise compliance suite for managing social compliance risk. This patent-pending technology allows companies with social compliance risk to consolidate internal and external feeds and shared files from social media and other collaboration tools to deliver accurate and complete archiving, proactive analysis, real-time review auditing and remediation.
SafeGuard™ collects activity feeds, posts and documents from social platforms, and other enterprise interactions, to proactively identify and classify business and compliance risk. An intuitive interface enables the efficient management of compliance cases with classification of risk level according to industry driven and company-defined priorities.
“Social platforms are revolutionizing business by improving a company’s ability to collaborate internally and with customers, reduce costs and improve a product’s competitive advantage,” said Jim Zuffoletti, President, OpenQ. “However, many companies are fearful of leaking trade secrets, incurring liabilities, or committing compliance violations and have been slow to go ‘Social’. With SafeGuard companies that are concerned with regulatory compliance, privacy, internal communication firewalls and brand consistency can embrace Social business and be confident that they are getting proactive, real-time risk analysis, classification and archiving.”
Added Otavio Freire, Chief Technology Officer, OpenQ. “SafeGuard enables faster enterprise adoption of social collaboration and allows companies to benefit from the value created by new, social technologies for today and tomorrow. SafeGuard can work as a stand-alone system or be integrated into current social media search and archiving tools. Most importantly, SafeGuard allows you to create social policies for specific channels and enforce the policies guaranteeing that they stand-up to internal audit processes.”

The product was discussed during a complimentary webinar "Leveraging Social Media Communities for Compliant Collaboration with Specialty Key Opinion Leaders" with Pharmaceutical Executive magazine, yesterday and can be viewed on-demand for free at

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