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Optimapharm, an independent clinical research organization (CRO) in Europe, acquired Denothex Ltd., significantly strengthening its presence in key European markets particularly in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy and thus broadening its customer base.

Denothex is a boutique CRO headquartered in Switzerland, managing clinical trials of all phases across Europe and Israel, with particular focus on biotechnology and medical devices in oncology.

By consolidating Denothex, Optimapharm is becoming one of the leading mid-size CRO companies in Europe. Optimapharm was established in Zagreb, Croatia, and operates through offices in 14 European countries. It covers markets with a total population of over 500 million people, and has the expertise to conduct phase I – IV clinical research across Europe with a very strong footprint in Central and Eastern Europe.

“The clinical research market is experiencing a continued rise, and our goals grow with it. With the combination of continuous organic growth and targeted investments into complementary organizations, we  have very successfully established ourselves as one of the leading players in the field of clinical research in Europe. We have a proven track record and continue to identify market opportunities and realize acquisitions with a successful integration in order to create more value for our clients, employees and shareholders. “We are enthusiastic about the acquisition of Denothex, which further strengthens our oncology and medical device expertise” said Gordana Gregurić Čičak, CEO of Optimapharm.

In late  2017 Optimapharm successfully acquired and consolidated the Czech company MKS Research, and in November of 2018 attracted a EUR 10 million investment by the Accession Mezzanine Capital fund.

“We have become part of an ambitious fast-growing company with well-structured study operations support and services. The integration with Optimapharm provides our customers with  broader access to clinical study centers and patients. We very much look forward to becoming part of such a  prosperous organization“ said Dr. Marc Salzberg, Chairman of Denothex.

Since it was founded, Optimapharm has conducted more than 280 clinical studies in 20 countries across Europe and Israel. Demand for CRO services continues to grow steadily, and substantially exceeds the growth rates of the economy globally. According to the 2017 New Market Research Report, the value of the global market for conducting clinical research by 2021 will reach nearly USD 50 billion. The largest market is the US, which accounts for 40 percent of the ,  whilst Europe remains the second largest market.

About Optimapharm

Optimapharm is a leading clinical research organization in Europe.  It was founded in 2006 in Zagreb and has built a professional multidisciplinary team with expertise in clinical research in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries.  More than 60 percent of employees have six years + of experience in relevant clinical research, while more than a third of all employees are doctors in various fields of medicine and natural sciences.

Optimapharm has taken part in many international clinical programs that resulted in commercialization of new drugs, mostly in the segments of oncology, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, pulmonology, psychiatry and neurology.  Also, Optimapharm has a strong expertise in conducting clinical research in various segments of pediatrics.

For more information, visit www.optimapharm.eu.


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