Oracle and Proteus Integrate Proteus Digital Health Feedback System with Oracle Health Sciences InForm to Help Increase Clinical Trial Accuracy


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Oracle Health Sciences InForm electronic data capture platform utilizes Proteus solution, enabling greater accuracy in measuring medication adherence during clinical trials.

Highly engaged patients that consistently take their prescribed medications as directed are the cornerstone of a successful clinical trial. Researchers have long struggled to effectively and efficiently validate adherence-relying on an arduous and often inaccurate combination of self-reporting and lab tests. To help health sciences organizations more effectively track and manage the use of medication during clinical trials, Oracle has introduced Oracle Health Sciences InForm Medication Adherence Insights Cloud Service.

This solution not only enables clinical trial sponsors to automatically capture precise and timely data about medication adherence, it can also help accelerate insight about drug efficacy and safety and speed clinical trials, which can, in turn, increase trial success rates. 

News Facts

  • Oracle Health Sciences InForm Medication Adherence Insights Cloud Service is the first clinical trial data capture and management solution to automatically integrate adherence data from the Proteus Digital Health feedback system directly into an electronic data capture system.

  • The platform helps researchers more accurately and efficiently track and manage the use of medication during clinical trials-a historically laborious and error-ridden process.

  • The new solution automates data collection and captures accurate medication ingestion information.

  • By providing direct and rapid validation of the quantity of medication a patient ingests and the time of ingestion, Oracle Health Sciences InForm Medication Adherence Insights Cloud Service can help health sciences organizations lower the risk of clinical trial failures by identifying medication adherence issues early, improving dosage decisions, and enhancing drug safety.

  • The solution also helps accelerate trials and reduce costs by eliminating imprecise, time-consuming, and expensive manual processes for collecting adherence data, such as pill counts and patient questionnaires.

“Oracle Health Sciences InForm Medication Adherence Insights Cloud Service helps health sciences organizations effectively address two long-standing and complex challenges: measuring participant adherence to drug protocols and identifying the optimum dosing regimen for recommended use,” said Steve Rosenberg, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences. “This groundbreaking solution-the direct result of a collaboration between Oracle and Proteus Digital Health-is a powerful example of how we can rapidly combine our industry-leading clinical trial data capture and management solutions with emerging technologies, such as digital pills, to help health sciences organizations transform the drug development and approval process.”

“The medication adherence option uniquely addresses the most critical information in a clinical trial: ‘Did the patients use their medicine properly?’ Combining this powerful new data with the technology, analysis, and capabilities of Oracle Health Sciences creates a game-changing opportunity for drug development,” said Markus Christen, head of global development, Proteus Digital Health.


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