Oracle Announces Oracle® CRM On Demand Release 17


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Oracle CRM On Demand Release 17 introduces forecasting and analytics capabilities which include flexible fiscal calendars, the ability to perform both revenue and product quantity forecasting, and real-time information comparisons against current and historical forecasts.

Release 17 also includes usability enhancements and a newly redesigned user interface that give sales teams more customized features. Oracle CRM On Demand Release 17 includes automated time-based workflows to manage sales, marketing, service and channels. It also features automated migration and data loader tools, including Oracle Migration Tool On Demand, to migrate customizations from one environment to another and the Oracle Data Loader On Demand to create, update and delete massive data volumes.

Extended Partner Relationship Management function in Oracle CRM On Demand Release 17 features new support of partner-delegated administration and analytics for deal registration, funding, and pipeline. It provides language support for Brazilian, Portuguese and Norwegian languages, in addition to the 18 currently supported languages and multi-currency capabilities.

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