Oracle Introduces Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Center Version 3.1

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today announced the availability of Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Center 3.1, a centralized solution for integrating, managing, and analyzing clinical trial information.

The release provides new integration, increased automation, and expanded data standardization to accelerate processing of clinical trial data from multiple sources in a variety of formats and increase user productivity from capture through submission. 

Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Center 3.1 features automated data load and new execution triggers to increase the timeliness and accuracy of data analysis. The system now automatically reruns routines and programs against the most recent data and notifies users of data and study changes as they occur. The system can also be personalized to notify users of specific events that require their attention.


New governance capabilities allow for the creation of validated libraries to drive standardization, control and reuse of data models, macros, and programs across studies. 

Version 3.1 also features a pre-built integration with Oracle Health Sciences InForm GTM electronic data capture (EDC) solution, as well as enhanced support for Medidata Rave clinical data management and EDC platform, automating the set up of Medidata Rave studies and data loading to save time and reduce potential for error.  Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Center 3.1 now also supports the use of Interactive SAS for program development, and integrates with Oracle’s Siebel Clinical Trial Management System to help auto load study metadata. 

The latest version also supports the management of data from studies in multiple languages.