Oxford-Harrington Rare Disease Center Introduces New Therapeutics Accelerator


Aims to advance innovative treatments for rare diseases.

rare disease isolated on white background. Generated by AI. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Vladimir Polikarpov

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Vladimir Polikarpov

The University of Oxford, in association with Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals in Cleveland, announced the launch of the Oxford-Harrington Rare Disease Center Therapeutics Accelerator with an official signing event at the University of Oxford. According to a company press release, the accelerator is transatlantic initiative to identify, fund and advance breakthrough academic discoveries to deliver new treatments for the 400 million people worldwide who suffer from rare diseases.

"Harrington has been supporting the advancement of treatments for rare and other diseases for more than a decade, committing significant funds and resources to this global challenge with considerable success,” said Jonathan Stamler, MD, president, founder, Harrington Discovery Institute "Our commitment is to major unmet needs in society to better the world. This new Accelerator and extended collaboration with Oxford and Oxford Science Enterprises represents a major step forward towards finding the best medicines that improve outcomes for the millions of individuals and families affected by rare diseases."

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