par8o Launches Research Network


par8o has announced the launch of par8o Research Network (PRN), a clinical trial recruitment service that connects health center patients with nearby trials. To ensure both HIPAA and ethical compliance, par8o’s patient outreach and engagement protocol has been reviewed and approved by an independent Institutional Review Board, WCG IRB. With the launch of PRN, par8o will apply its knowledge to solve a major issue in clinical trials—specifically, the lack of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity.

“The lack of diversity in clinical research not only increases drug costs due to failed recruitment targets and delayed timelines, but also creates an ongoing legacy of healthcare injustice against minority groups,” said par8o CEO, Dr. Daniel Palestrant, MD. “It’s well known that different racial and ethnic groups can respond differently to the same treatments. Under-representation of minority groups in a clinical trial can create a legacy of bad data, which can ultimately impact patient access to therapeutics. We are confident that PRN will move the needle on the lack of diverse racial and ethnic representation in clinical trials.”

Read more in the full release, here.

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