Parexel Adds Clinical Development Optimization

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Applied Clinical Trials

Parexel has enhanced its end-to-end clinical development services through its new Clinical Development Optimization process, which uses advanced technology to help expedite drug development through all four critical stages of clinical development – design, start-up, trial execution, and submission.

  • Design: Protocol design optimization uses simulations to allow sponsors to identify and quantify the impact of trade-off decisions on program performance, timelines and cost.

  • Start-up: Site start-up, Clinical Trial Management System, and electronic Trial Master File integrated applications provide efficient distribution, collaborative compilation and e-signing of site-level regulatory documents and contracts. Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics handles supply chain challenges and optimizes supply levels.  

  • Execute: Intelligent technology from the PAREXEL Informatics product line helps predict and capture core operational and scientific data.  

  • Submit: Data aggregation aligned with commercial decision-making strategy can help ensure the right technology and operational support for an initial regulatory application, identification of future opportunities, and product lifecycle management.

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