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MD Connect is excited to announce the launch of PatientCentra, a division focused on innovation and advancement in clinical trial patient recruitment. Capitalizing on MD Connect's collective 70+ years of patient recruitment experience, PatientCentra will expand on the company's technology-driven, patient-centric approach to patient engagement and recruitment.

"PatientCentra offers a fresh and focused approach to clinical trial patient recruitment by leveraging proprietary technology and dedicated personnel resources to provide customized, results-driven programs," says Dan Stempel, President and CEO of MD Connect. "It was built on our foundation of digitally-enabled programs which have tapped over 50 different digital media sources to drive more than a million qualified patient inquiries for clinical trial sponsors, CROs, and sites through our end-to-end process.  We back it all up with performance-priced solutions that have consistently resulted in meeting or exceeding customer recruitment and enrollment goals."

PatientCentra leverages state-of-the-art technology to engage and recruit qualified patients for clinical trials. The proprietary Patient Database Network and Performance Portal patient tracking and management system offer features like Site Response Monitoring Technology and end-to-end patient tracking that assist in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of patient recruitment programs. 

The launch also reflects an extension of MD Connect's unique capabilities and experience in digital patient outreach to encompass holistic, digitally-enabled, multi-channel patient recruitment with the technology and dedicated personnel required to ensure success. With programs being executed in fourteen countries on five different continents, PatientCentra embraces a strong, strategic approach that includes predictive modeling, patient-focused creative, global outreach with localized execution, and a commitment to diversity among clinical trial patients.

For years, MD Connect has been a trusted resource for sponsors and CROs, having supported over 200 clients and 500 programs across more than 20 different therapeutic areas. With this expansion, PatientCentra is able to offer a strong mix of strategic, technology and personnel resources and capabilities to enable sponsors, CROs and investigator sites to maximize recruitment efforts and timelines. This includes ensuring that our recruitment programs are fully data/patient privacy compliant, meeting HIPAA, GCP, GDPR, APEC and even China (CSL) requirements. 

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