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PCI opens North American Storage and Distribution facility for Investigational Medicinal Products

PCI has announced the completion of a brand new North American Storage and Distribution facility for Clinical Trial materials. The 97,000 square foot purpose built site was constructed in support of the growth PCI has experienced in its Clinical Trial services business, which includes drug development and manufacturing, laboratory services, packaging and storage services, global logistics, as well as client supporting consultative services for executing global investigational studies. PCI features these services at facilities across North America and Europe, and distributes clinical trial supplies through a network of global depots to deliver IMP to investigational sites around the world.

PCI’s new state-of-the-art facility features expansive storage for investigational supplies at controlled room temperature, as well as expansions of its Cold Chain storage capacity including conditions at 2-8°C, -20°C, and -80°C. In addition, the facility is a DEA registered site for Schedule II – V Controlled Substances. Special consideration was given to management of returned investigational products, an essential service where PCI supports clients with meticulous management of investigational study materials returned from Clinical trial sites across the globe including preplanning, on-site processing at receipt, detailed reconciliation, multi-year storage, as well as certified destruction where designated. PCI has dedicated over 8,000 square feet of the new facility for this important regulatory segment of the business.

The opening of this facility highlights a significant ongoing investment by PCI in Clinical Trial services. In August 2014 PCI announced the acquisition of Penn Pharma, a leading provider of drug development and drug manufacturing services located in Tredegar, in the United Kingdom. Penn partners with clients in pre-clinical and clinical phases, as well as commercial manufacturing of drug product. Subsequent to that acquisition, PCI announced in September 2014 the acquisition of Biotec Services International, located in Bridgend, in the United Kingdom. Biotec is an emerging provider of Clinical Trial services with specialization in Controlled Temperature Management Services ranging from +25°C to -196°C. The addition of the two companies brings PCI’s global footprint to 16 facilities across North America and Europe, with over 2,900 highly trained associates.

Bob Misher, Senior Vice President of PCI Clinical Trial Services, noted “Clients trust PCI with lifesaving medicines. These ongoing investments in our Clinical trials business continue to allow us to grow our presence in this market and at the same time keep our focus on the significant importance of each package we prepare and each shipment of investigational study material we manage. These medicines are literally lifesaving for patients around the globe, and we appreciate the gravity of our responsibilities as well as the trust with which our clients have extended to us. It is an exciting time for PCI and we are very grateful for the opportunity to continue the growth we have experienced.”

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