PDR Network Introduces New Adverse Drug Event Reporting System


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PDR Network introduces RxEvent, a new online network to collect and distribute adverse drug events now available to all US prescribers via integration into electronic health record platforms and other online services, including directly at www.RxEvent.org.

Roughly half a million adverse drug events are reported annually to the FDA, with over 90 percent of these reports coming from pharmaceutical manufacturers who receive them from physicians and other providers via telephone. This legacy call center-based system is expensive for manufacturers and inconvenient and time-consuming by physicians; it is not surprising that studies show as few as one in ten ADEs are actually reported by healthcare professionals due to this cumbersome process. RxEvent addresses this issue by offering physicians a new way to report ADEs quickly and easily from within their workflow to improve the quality, timeliness, and overall reporting of adverse events.

RxEvent benefits include:
· Decreasing costs associated with current call centers and backend manual processing and reporting;

· Improving reporting quality and rates by physicians and pharmacists by placing the system within their workflow;

· Increasing data mining value through report customization and electronic data gathering; and

· Allowing for monitoring of off-label use and new side effects developing with approved use.

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