Peachtree Bioresearch Solutions Selects Oracle Cloud Services


Applied Clinical Trials

Full-service clinical research organization (CRO), Peachtree BioResearch Solutions has selected Oracle Health Sciences cloud services to improve its clinical startup and management activities.

Peachtree BioResearch Solutions provides global development services for emerging to mid-sized biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies. The company will use Oracle Health Sciences Select Cloud Service, Activate Cloud Service, and Siebel Clinical Trial Management System to quickly plan, set-up, manage, monitor, and analyze clinical trials for its mid-sized customers.

Peachtree is deploying the Activate Express configuration, specifically designed to accelerate and streamline the implementation process for mid-sized biotech companies and regional CROs to optimize site selection and activation activities using the most advanced and proven startup workflow engine available.

“Streamlining communication and providing transparency into startup activities with our stakeholders is critical to our process optimization efforts and to speeding the delivery of therapies to patients in need,” said Kristy Nichols, president, CEO and co-founder of Peachtree. “Oracle Health Sciences solutions enhance our clinical business intelligence and management capabilities, allowing us to make timely interventions and course corrections, as well as uncover insights into processes ripe for future enhancements-ultimately leading to timeline reductions and enhanced operational performance.”

Study startup, which includes activities associated with site identification, feasibility assessment, selection, activation, and monitoring, is a notorious bottleneck in clinical trials. Numerous factors can adversely impact study startup, including contract and budget negotiations, regulatory changes and compliance, Institutional Review Board approvals, clinical staff turnover, and others. All of these contribute to significant trial delays and cost overages.

Oracle’s Select Cloud Service and Activate Cloud Service solutions will enable Peachtree to optimize the many study startup steps with workflow automation and real-time insights into study status, which make it easier to ensure quality team performance and enable the discovery of meaningful patterns in study data.

Beyond simple aggregation of site information, Select Cloud Service provides a data-driven approach to aid in the identification of sites and target populations ideally suited to studies. Activate Cloud Service streamlines the startup process of study-specific workflows and enhances real-time oversight for clinical operations management by tracking milestones on the critical path and providing transparent, user-friendly document management capabilities that support regulatory compliance. These insights guide organizations in their optimization efforts, and provide a stark contrast to the manual, time-consuming methods still predominantly used across the industry.

“Peachtree joins other leading mid-sized organizations that leverage our industry leading technology to specifically tackle entrenched bottlenecks in study startup,” said Sujay Jadhav, global vice president, Oracle Health Sciences. “The combination of Select and Activate offer a head-on approach to help Peachtree to achieve operational excellence and strategic objectives with our streamlined solutions.”

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