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PharmaPros introduces a new flagship offering, Dataflow Manager, a comprehensive data tracking and integration framework.

Cambridge, MA-June 25, 2008-PharmaPros, a technical consulting and solutions provider specializing in data and workflow management for clinical trials, today announces its newest offering Dataflow Manager™, a data-driven solution enabling the holistic management of trials across multiple, disparate systems. 

Dataflow Manager™ is an integrated technology platform that provides in-stream access to operational data from the multiple systems and vendors used to manage today’s complex trials. Complementary to many popular technology solutions such as EDC, IVR, and ePRO, Dataflow Manager™ empowers clinical-trial sponsors and CROs to rapidly and effectively harmonize trial-wide operational data despite disparate systems, different formats, multiple vendors, and far-reaching geographical parameters.

Using the study protocol and data requirements, Dataflow Manager™ is configured to map trial data through an “expected data schedule.” Principled on a federated search, Dataflow Manager executes context-intelligent queries against the data agents and presents the in-stream operational status of a trial through a central interface, eliminating the need to seek information inside each individual data capture system. 

“The intent was not to create a central warehouse of clinical data or provide another data capture technology, but to provide in-stream access to the operational intelligence throughout the study conduct regardless of the number of sources/systems that may be used to manage the trial” states Nick Neri, director of technology at PharmaPros.

Dataflow Manager™ can also create a fully integrated study data store of some or all of the clinical data as required by the client.  This integrated data can be extracted on-demand to support CDISC compliant formats, systems, and end-users. Dataflow Manager™ is delivered as Software as a Service. Configuration, hosting, and validation are performed by PharmaPros to eliminate the negotiation and setup of data access to these external disparate systems where these source data of interest reside.

”Our vision for Dataflow Manager™ is to enable a paradigm shift toward electronic data lifecycle management (eDLM) and away from the traditional silos of clinical development” says Peg Regan, chief executive officer of PharmaPros.  “With the landscape changing to a multi-source electronic world of data capture, we recognize the need to support the end-user of these technologies and provide an in-stream capability to proactively manage, track, and report on the most important deliverable of any clinical trial: the data.”

PharmaPros offers a variety of eDLM support services, including third party vendor management, trial management, clinical data management services, technical support, and strategic consulting services. 

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