PharmaVigilant Integrates Imaging Functions Into I-Vault 2.3


WESTBOROUGH, MA--(Marketwire - January 19, 2010) - PharmaVigilant, a clinical trial technology provider, has integrated imaging functionality into the new release of I-Vault 2.3. This updated solution, enhanced to handle large files in the 100MB-500MB range, allows sponsors to store, retrieve and review images, including MRIs with DICOM readers. Using a single log-in, sponsors and end-users now have faster access to their clinical data and MRI images through a streamlined and secure process within a CRF 21 Part 11 compliant system. To ensure proper security and confidentiality, I-Vault 2.3 offers an audit trail that enables sponsors to monitor and identify file uploads and all user activity.
With an increase in the use of medical imaging in clinical trials, sponsors have expressed a need for incorporating imaging capabilities into their trial technologies. In addition to greater visibility and control of data, sponsors want an integrated capability that eliminates additional vendor relationships or partnerships and provides a comprehensive solution in one technology suite. The availability of a consolidated solution would allow sponsors to better monitor and analyze all clinical trial data, leading to increased transparency and efficiencies and significant cost savings.
"Our clients are looking to us to incorporate imaging technology into our product suite so they can consolidate all of their trial information within one solution," said James DeSanti, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PharmaVigilant. "We are currently seeing the industry moving toward a rapid consolidation of technologies into single solutions to better streamline the drug development process and control costs. Only companies with the flexibility to make strategic adjustments and the ability to make noteworthy investments in their products will be ready to meet this growing demand from sponsors. PharmaVigilant clearly meets these requirements as seen in our newest release of I-Vault 2.3, and we are positioned to lead the market in the coming years with our integrated and game-changing solutions."
PharmaVigilant offers a full suite of clinical trial technology offerings including Electronic Data Capture (EDC), data warehousing, study building (I-Builder 2.0), Electronic Trial Master File System (eTMF), Remote Source Document Verification (rSDV), study administration and an automated site payment system. PharmaVigilant focuses on Phase I-IV clinical trials, registries and other post-marketing studies. The technology has supported more than 200,000 patients in 14 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and continues to expand rapidly.

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