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Pharsight Corporation, a provider of software, strategic consulting, and regulatory services for optimizing clinical drug development, and InforSense Ltd., aprovider of next-generation business and scientific intelligence tools, announced that they have signed an agreement for InforSense to distribute Pharsight products in China through its Shanghai based subsidiary.

Pharsight Expands Global Presence Through InforSense Chinese Distributor, Companies to Collaborate On Use of Biomarkers in PK/PD Modeling

Pharsight Corporation (Nasdaq:PHST), a leading provider of software, strategic consulting, and regulatory services for optimizing clinical
drug development, and InforSense Ltd., the leading provider of next-generation business and scientific intelligence tools, today announced that they have signed an agreement for InforSense to distribute Pharsight products in China through its Shanghai based subsidiary. This relationship marks Pharsight's entry into the growing Chinese life sciences marketplace.

As part of the agreement, InforSense will represent Pharsight's market-leading software for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD)
analysis, reporting, archiving, and data visualization. InforSense will provide distribution services for Pharsight within the Chinese pharmaceutical and biotech research and development market, including sales and marketing, end-user training, and maintenance and support services.

Pharsight and InforSense have also initiated a strategic partnership to deliver translational research solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. The strategic partnership includes opportunities for product-based collaborations to utilize biomarkers in clinical PK/PD modeling.

"This agreement strengthens Pharsight's ability to take advantage of the exceptional growth opportunities in China as research and
development activities expand," said Daniel L. Weiner, Ph.D., senior vice president and chief technology officer at Pharsight. "There is a strong demand in our customer base for more dynamic analysis and visualization of PK/PD data and the integration of genotypic and other biomarker data. Partnering with InforSense will enable Pharsight to take advantage of their flexible, high-throughput analytics technology and expertise with molecular data to enable more effective PK/PD modeling. We look forward to a successful distribution alliance and fruitful collaboration, based on the respective strengths of each company's tools and technologies."

"Pharsight's tools are a fundamental requirement in PK/PD, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, and we are pleased to be working with
them in this area," said Jonathan Sheldon, Ph.D., chief scientific officer at InforSense. "Bringing together our capabilities in genotypic and other molecular analysis with Pharsight's PK/PD tools and expertise is a major step towards making the goal of translational research a reality."

To initiate the partnership, Pharsight will participate at several events sponsored by InforSense in Shanghai, China on November 3-5,
2008, as part of the First International Meeting on Drug Discovery Pipeline and Informatics Solutions. On November 3, Daniel L. Weiner, Ph.D., Pharsight senior vice president and chief technology officer, will speak to conference attendees on the strategic value of modeling and simulation for improving the efficiency of clinical drug development. On November 4-5, Dr. Weiner will lead an applied training workshop on PK/PD data analysis and modeling methods, utilizing Pharsight's WinNonlin(r) software.

More information about this event is available at

About InforSense, Ltd.

InforSense goes beyond traditional business intelligence to provide a completely integrated suite of agile, visual and predictive intelligence solutions, enabling organizations to gain business and scientific insights and optimize their business-critical decision-making processes. Leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer goods, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and communications companies around the world rely on InforSense to quickly, easily deliver intelligence and identify trends in data. The company is privately held, with European headquarters in London, UK and North American headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information visit

About Pharsight Corporation

Pharsight Corporation develops and markets integrated products and services that enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to achieve significant and enduring improvements in the development and use of therapeutic products. The company's goal is to help customers reduce the time, cost and risk of drug development, as well as optimize the post-approval marketing and use of pharmaceutical products.

Pharsight's approach enhances the fundamental element of drug development success: strong decision-making. By adopting the Pharsight
approach, customers acquire a new decision-making process with the potential to systematically improve every level and phase of their business and scientific processes. Pharsight Corporation is headquartered in Mountain View, California. More information is available at

Forward Looking Statements

The statements in this press release related to the performance of Pharsight software products in China and Pharsight's strategic partnership with InforSense Ltd. are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are inherently speculative, and actual results may differ materially from Pharsight's expectations due to a variety of factors, including: changes in FDA regulations may affect demand for the product and services; and customers may not perceive the benefits of the products and services to be the same as Pharsight believes them to be. Other risk factors relating to Pharsight are disclosed in the company's most recent Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on August 13, 2008. All
forward-looking statements are based on information available to the company on the date hereof, and the company assumes no obligation to
update such statements.

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