Pharsight Signs Anapharm as PKS, WinNonlin® AutoPilot Customer


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Pharsight announced that Anapharm, a PharmaNet company, has selected Pharsight Knowledgebase Server™ (PKS™) as its enterprise solution for secure storage and tracking of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) data.

Anapharm will use PKS as the repository for management, analysis and reporting of PK/PD data generated by the company’s network of Phase I and bioanalytical facilities, as well as for data coming from other sources. PKS will serve as the centerpiece of Anapharm’s PK/PD data management and analysis infrastructure, replacing systems offering limited capabilities to achieve their aggressive strategy in developing a leadership position in Phase I clinical trials.

Under the terms of the license agreement, Anapharm has also licensed Pharsight’s WinNonlin® AutoPilot and PKS Reporter™, both of which are integrated with PKS. WinNonlin AutoPilot is configurable software that research scientists can use to automate common or repetitive tasks during clinical PK analysis and to create report-ready tables and graphs. PKS Reporter is software for creation, management and electronic signature of clinical study reports for internal review and regulatory submission. PKS, WinNonlin AutoPilot and PKS Reporter will be used in conjunction with Anapharm’s existing licenses of WinNonlin®, Pharsight’s industry-standard software for PK/PD modeling and noncompartmental analysis.

“We look forward to putting PKS into production, and to utilizing Pharsight’s suite of products to better serve our global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry customers who demand secure, compliant data tracking and analyses across development programs and indications,"said Mario Tanguay, Ph.D., Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at Anapharm.

In a separate agreement, Anapharm has also expanded its use of Pharsight’s portfolio of PK/PD analysis and data management tools by licensing Phoenix® WinNonlin®, Phoenix® NLME™ and Phoenix® Connect™. Phoenix® is Pharsight's new desktop software platform that provides an integrated environment for analysis, modeling and simulation. Phoenix NLME provides new data processing and modeling tools for population PK/PD analysis.Phoenix Connect integrates applications built on the Phoenix platform with commonly used third-party analysis and modeling tools such as NONMEM®, R®, SAS® and S-PLUS®.

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