Phesi Introduces Health Check and Trial Rescue Service

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Service expected to offer insights to sponsors conducting clinical trials in any indication in under ten days.

Phesi, a patient-centric data software and service provider, has officially launched its new health check and trial rescue service. The service works by leveraging Phesi’s AI-driven trial accelerator platform to assess protocols in terms of patient view, country view, site view and investigator view. Reportedly, the free of charge service will enable sponsors to submit their protocols to Phesi for a review, offering real-time insights and forecasting within ten working days.


“The clinical trials industry is facing a chronic challenge,” stated Gen Li, PhD, CEO, founder, Phesi. “Once a trial is underway, sponsors are often forced to amend the protocol to better align with the targeted patient population, often with millions of dollars on the line. Further, we know around a fifth of trials designed today will fail and that many “zombie” trials continue to run, mostly caused by inadequate protocol design. Phesi’s new Health Check and Trial Rescue Service addresses these issues by conquering two evergreen challenges: too many protocol amendments and too many failures to complete enrolment as planned. With this service, sponsors can take a proactive, data-driven approach – they won’t need to wait until a study is at risk of failing before they take action.”

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