Phlexglobal launches eTMF Consulting Group


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Phlexglobal has announced the launch of a specialist consulting group along with the appointment of a head of division.

The new eTMF Consulting Group, led by Jane Clarke who joins Phlexglobal from Wyeth, will provide the expertise for companies in all aspects of records management, with a specific focus on TMFs, electronic TMFs (eTMFs) and the migration from paper to electronic.

Phlexglobal has has focused on the support and development of eTMFs for the past eight years. During this time the company has gained experience, leading to the launch of the eTMF Consulting Group.

In addition to running the new Group, Jane will also be responsible for enhancing the functionality of Phlexglobal’s bespoke eTMF solution – PhlexEview – drawing on customer requirements and Phlexglobal’s vision for the future of eTMFs.

During her time at Wyeth, Jane gained experience in the development, integration and support of a variety of clinical research systems - CTMS, EDC, ePRO, eTMF and IVR -through the creation of a dedicated division. Jane also successfully implemented EDC resulting in a 90 per cent take-up in 11 months and the transition from a custom-built to a commercial EDC solution. Jane is a keynote speaker at the 9th Annual Partnerships in Clinical Trials Conference in Vienna in November 2010.

For further information on Phlexglobal’s eTMF solutions, visit the website at .

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