PHT Streamlines Clinical Trials with Windows 8.1 Tablets


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Provider of patient-driven eData Systems will run data collection system on Dell Venue 11 Pro tablets with Windows 8.1.

 PHT Corporation, the leading provider of technologies used to collect patient-driven electronic data for clinical research, has selected Dell Venue 11 Protablets featuring Windows 8.1 to run its SitePad® System. The SitePad System replaces traditional paper data collection methods in clinical research with electronic methods, providing better-quality data, real-time access to that data and, ultimately, faster time to data analysis for pharmaceutical trial sponsors. The SitePad System is used in clinical trials to collect clinician- and patient-reported outcomes for supporting label claims of new therapies. 

PHT selected the Dell Venue 11 Pro with Windows 8.1 for the SitePad platform because the device provides a superior user experience. The Venue has a high-resolution touch screen that supports greater ease of use for both clinicians and patients. In addition to providing a superior user experience, the Dell Venue provides multiple modes of data communications including Wi-Fi, Ethernet and an embedded 4G card. 

PHT chose the Windows 8.1 tablets because of the flexibility and security aspects of Microsoft technology and because the solution allows PHT to increase the quality of real-time site-based data capture for trial participants and clinicians. It also allows PHT to run custom software that helps decrease clinical trial costs for sponsors by reducing time spent downstream resolving missing and inconsistent data. The superior end-user experience helps provide additional convenience and comfort for end users, enabling rapid entry of electronic source clinical data. 

“Paper is no longer the gold standard, and clinical trial sponsors are rapidly abandoning paper methods for collecting critical information about how patients feel and function in addition to key clinician observations and assessments,” said Sheila Rocchio, vice president of Marketing & Product Management at PHT. “PHT is helping to lead the electronic transformation in clinical research by providing reliable, easy-to-use and regulatory-compliant systems that increase data quality and protocol compliance and reduce costs in monitoring and data management. In one recent trial, the SitePad System saved the sponsor more than 30 percent over the cost of paper.” 

PHT has purchased more than 2,000 Dell Venue 11 Pros, which will be deployed at clinical trial sites around the globe. Each SitePad is configured for a specific study protocol and used by clinicians and patients participating in the trial to collect study-specific assessments. Data collected on the SitePad device are sent to StudyWorksTM, the PHT online portal that provides real-time information about compliance as well as key measures used for study operations and patient safety monitoring. Each tablet is preconfigured with study-specific schedules, assessments and questionnaires. Patient and clinician compliance with SitePad on average exceeds 98.5 percent. 

“The Dell Venue 11 Pro with Windows 8.1 is a modern and sleek device that both patients and clinicians enjoy using — the usability testing feedback has been excellent,” Rocchio said. “Sponsors are also very excited about the embedded 4G modem in the Dell Venue 11 Pro, which eliminates the need for an additional wireless hotspot, making setup much easier.” 

More information about how organizations are turning to Microsoft technology is available on theMicrosoft Customer Spotlight newsroom.

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