Pratia and KFGN Join Forces


Applied Clinical Trials

Pratia Inc, a part of listed on the Polish Stock Exchange Market NEUCA Capital Group, has claimed 40% shares in KFGN. The overall investment plan assumes increasing the shareholding up to a clear majority position in the following years. 

KFGN was founded by professor Hanns-Gerd Dammann in 1995. Since that time the network has successfully conducted over 700 clinical trials, becoming the market leader in Germany. Their six wholly owned Research Sites located in Hamburg, Schwerin, Hanover, Berlin, Dresden and Karlsruhe establish an excellent presence for patients. 

“We believe that experienced teams, complementary geographical footprint and wide coverage of therapeutic areas strengthen our value offering for both pharmaceutical and CRO industries. We share passion for clinical trials digitalization and have ambition to influence direction of clinical research market development in this area together with KFGN,” says Łukasz Bęczkowski, VP of Pratia Inc,​ who is responsible for international operations. 

“With our 25-year anniversary, the strategic partnership and investment of Pratia is another milestone of our company. As KFGN we are constantly improving and innovating the way of conducting clinical trials. Together with our standards it is this mindset which we share with Pratia. As one network we will drive the digitalization and development of clinical research. We are happy to team up with Pratia providing the best services to our customers also in future,” says Dr. Ole Dammann, CEO of KFGN.​ 

Dr. Ole Dammann continues his leadership as CEO of KFGN and responsibility for further business growth in Germany. Additionally, as a Board Member of Pratia, he will support international growth of Site Network. 

“J​oint development with KFGN is the consequence of the NEUCA Group's clinical trials strategy adopted in 2019. This assumes significant international growth and market consolidation. Germany is our fourth investment this year in Clinical Trials field and the second one outside Poland. In April, Pratia celebrated the opening of its branch in Ukraine, we have started operations in 6 multi-specialized hospitals and are now in the process of our research center setup,” says ​Tomasz Dabrowski, CEO of Pratia Inc, who is responsible for clinical trials businesses in the NEUCA Group. 

Currently, Pratia provides their clients and patients with access 26 Clinical Research Centers in three countries through its infrastructure, in which the core element of the integration processes will be a digital platform for managing and conducting clinical trials-hyggio (Pratia's investment in the hyggio platform was finalized this March as a part of the establishment of the Clinscience Technologies company). 

“The global clinical trials market is very active. Every year, not only doctors' awareness increases, but primarily patients', both when it comes to clinical trials and their benefits. Thanks to them, patients not only have access to high-level medical procedures and diagnostics but also to innovative treatment methods not available in the regular health system. It is the Patient, his comfort and safety that is in the center of our activities. Our mission is to provide access to clinical trials for all patients around the world,” e​xplains Tomasz Dabrowski, CEO of Pratia Inc.

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