Praxis Awarded Patient Recruitment Contract for HCV Research Program


Company News Release

Praxis, a company specializing in centralized patient recruitment for clinical research studies, is extending patient recruitment services to a top 20 pharmaceutical company for an international Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) study. The study explores an investigational drug’s effectiveness for this condition affecting almost 4 million Americans. This second protocol’s recruitment program will build on the success of the initial campaign.

This will be the second in a series of branded studies for this indication. Through Praxis’ analysis of results from the first study, a customized marketing strategy and extension of the brand campaign was developed to successfully motivate individuals with HCV to consider participation in the study. Praxis will continue to provide a variety of recruitment services for the study, including strategic planning, website development, public relations/community outreach, patient education materials, along with a mix of other appropriate direct-to-candidate communications.

“Social science has proven that individuals are more likely to respond to a known brand and that their recall of a familiar message is higher. This leads to increased response rates from all forms of outreach,” explains David Fox, president and CEO of Praxis. “Implementing branded continuum campaigns, such as this, brings about exponentially greater results. This approach, when executed effectively, provides new levels of success and efficiency. ”

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