Premier Research and InSilicoTrials Announce Partnership


Premier Research and InSilicoTrials have partnered to create safer, faster, and more efficient pathways to regulatory approval for rare disease treatments.

As part of the R&D lifecycle, in silico trials enable simulated synthetic control or treatment arms, inform strategies for patient enrollment, and more efficiently predict the safety and efficacy of novel drugs and medical devices. Synthetic control arms generated using in silico CM&S techniques represent a tool for enabling preclinical and clinical research that otherwise might not be feasible, particularly in rare disease research.

The partnership between Premier Research and Italy-based InSilicoTrials will emphasize smarter in silico study design resulting in more effective pre-clinical review of trial design parameters and faster submission-ready studies.


Premier Research and InSilicoTrials Partner to Leverage In Silico Modeling and Simulation and Optimize Regulatory Pathways for Rare Disease Therapies. (2023, March 13). Cision PR Newswire.

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